New show for BBC One taps into our weather obsession with the help of the Met Office

‘The Great British Weather’ is a new and live 4 part series for BBC One scheduled to be broadcast this summer. The Met Office have been working very closely with Love Productions, who are making the series for BBC One, providing expert scientific and meteorological advice, support and guidance into the making of the show.

The show is to be presented by Carol Kirkwood (Met Office), Alexander Armstrong (Have I got News for You, Armstrong and Miller) and Chris Hollins (BBC Breakfast, Watchdog) alongside veteran weather presenters John Kettley, Michael Fish MBE and Bill Giles OBE and meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker, all of whom worked for the Met Office as meteorologists when presenting the weather on the BBC.

The Great British Weather is an interactive live series set to tap in to the nation’s obsession with weather, as we find out which clouds mean we should dig out our brollies and where to head for the most sunshine in Britain. It also helps to answer our
annoying weather questions, does it really rain cats and dogs – or does it actually rain frogs? Does red sky at night really mean shepherd’s delight? Why are there so many types of clouds and why are they so different?

We will see Chris Hollins get up close and personal with the Basking Shark in Cornwall, all in aid of discovering why this enormous creature is attracted to the Gulf Stream.

Carol Kirkwood will also report on the weather, not from the safety of a BBC Studio – but from 15,000 feet in the air as she paraglides into the heart of an enormous Cumulus cloud. How vast is it? How much does it weigh? What does it taste like? Carol gets her head in the clouds to find out.

Specialist Meteorological Reporter, Tomasz Schafernaker will also join the The Great British Weather team across the country as they visit Cornwall, the Lake District and Greenwich (London) on its tour with a live and local audience at each destination.

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