“Heatwave” newspaper reports not from Met Office

A couple of weeks ago several daily newspapers reported that we were likely to see a heatwave through the last two weeks of May.  In fact one newspaper reported that we were likely to see temperatures of 88 °F (or 31 °C) on its front page.  This has recently led to some to comment about what has happened to the “heatwave”

These forecasts were based on comments from Positive Weather Solutions, NetWeather and other forecasters.  At no time did the Met Office say that we were likely to see a heat wave in the last two weeks of May.  The longer term 6-15 day forecast issued on the Met Office website on the 16th May for the period up to the end of the month said:

Occasional rain or showers are likely in the north and west this weekend, with weakening rainbands occasionally straying further south, whilst the southeast stays mainly fine. Temperatures exhibit a similar split, with the north and west rather cool (and windy), whilst the south and east sees above-average daytime temperatures, and light winds. Into the new week, heavy, even thundery showers may develop in parts of England and Wales, but sunny periods are also likely, and it may well stay warm here. The northwest should be cooler, with Northern Ireland and particularly northwestern Scotland seeing further rain or showers, but also some brighter interludes. Later in the week and following weekend, there are some indications that more unsettled conditions will become more commonplace, though there is considerable uncertainty.

Met Office weather forecasts for the next five days, 6 to 15 days ahead and 16 to 30 days ahead are available on the Met Office website.

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