Met Office in the Media: 27 April 2011

The Daily Express reports in ‘Drivers warned as pollen cloud menace heads for UK‘ about an increased risk of Birch pollen heading toward the UK from the continent as northeasterly winds set in across the UK.  Birch pollen is also at it’s peak in the UK at present causing an increased risk to Hay Fever sufferers.  However pollen forecasts are now available on the Met Office website to help sufferers manage their condition.

Met Office Pollen Calendar

Met Office Pollen Calendar (click to enlarge)

The Independent reports on the weather for the upcoming royal wedding. Following the fine weather over Easter, our weather has returned to more typical weather for this time of year with a mix of April showers and some brighter weather too.  The best chance of brighter conditions will be in the morning, with temperatures reaching 18 degrees Celsius.

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