Met Office in the Media: 11 April 2011

BBC Weather Test – The Sunday Telegraph have run an article ‘Test to see if you can trust the weatherman‘ in which it reports onthe proposed BBC ‘Weather Test’ – which has been presented as an indpendent, scientific evaluation of the many different weather forecast providers across the UK.

The ‘weather test’ funded and promoted by the BBC Radio 4 Today programme has recently published a protocol or method on how it proposes to compare different weather forecasters. To go ahead it needs  a robust and credible assessment methodology involving a range of weather providers.

The UN’s World Meteorological Organisation has measured the Met Office as being amongst the top two weather services in the world, giving the UK public confidence that they are receiving the best possible service from their national weather service – the Met Office.

We welcome the development of comparable verification standards across the industry. This is a complex undertaking and we are keen to ensure a fair comparison for all. We are in discussions with specialist weather providers in the UK on the challenging task of agreeing an operational set of comparable public facing forecasts which they do not currently widely provide.

Jersey Tourism – A number of papers have reported on an apparent row between Jersey and the Isles of Scilly about claims over the ‘warmest place in Britain’.  The Met Office is not the National Weather Service for the Channel Islands who have their own weather service, and as such does not hold climate statistics for Jersey.

The Met Office has no reason to doubt the claims made by Jersey Tourisim with Jersey’s mean temperature being 8.9 C.  Climate figures for St Mary’s – Isles of Scilly show:

Mean Max Temp = 13.8 C

Mean Average Temp = 11.6 C

Mean Min Temp = 9.4 C

Total Rainfall = 895 mm

Total Sunshine = 1690 hours

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