Met Office in the Media: 09 February 2011

Defence Codex, the MoD magazine for defence engineering and science has written two articles in the latest edition of the magazine looking back at the Iceland volcanic eruption from last spring. ‘Ash in the sky causes eruption of scientific support‘ looks at how scientists across the Mod, including the Met Office met the challenges of such an unprecidented incident.  The second article ‘Met Office model adapts to crisis‘ explored how our modeling capability was used through the incident, looking also at ongoing research and development.

Coincidentally, there have been reports in some media today. The Telegraph for example reports today ‘Icelandic volcano ‘set to erupt’‘, whilst the Daily Mail says ‘Not again! Icelandic volcano set to erupt dwarfing last year’s devastation, warn scientists‘.  Despite these recent reports, there is currently little evidence to support an assessment of an increased risk of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. The Icelandic Met Office is the mandated State Volcano Observatory and with whom the UK Met Office is in regular contact. They confirm that whilst there was a ‘seismic swarm’ in the north-west part of Vatnajökull on Sunday, this has since died down and there is now no unusual seismic activity in the area. No warnings were or have been issued and the situation across Iceland, as always, is being closely and continually monitored.

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