Turning less cold

A spell of rain, sleet and snow is expected spread from the south west later on Monday and through Tuesday before less cold conditions in many western UK regions of the uk, gradually move further east and north. The lift in temperatures will see much of the snow turn to rain as it clears away and allow a thaw of any lying snow from late Tuesday in most places.

Met Office forecasters said: “The change to less cold weather could bring some snow to some northern and eastern parts of the UK, with a respite from the severe wintry conditions that many parts of the country have endured so far this month.”

Met Office forecasters added: “The arrival of less cold Atlantic air will see temperatures in some western places reach as high as 10 Celsius on Tuesday, although elsewhere, temperatures will be in the range of between 1 and 4 Celsius by day. Overnight into Wednesday largely frost-free conditions will aid the continued slow thaw of any lying.”

However, most places will see a rather cold weather by the end of the week, with the risk of slight frosts at night – although nothing as severe as the very low temperatures recorded at the beginning of the festive season.

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