Arctic blast heads for the UK

Forecasters at the Met Office are predicting bitterly cold northerly winds later this week, with the risk of widespread icy conditions and heavy snow bringing the potential for travel disruption.

A band of rain, sleet and snow will push south across the country on Thursday followed by a marked drop in temperatures. As the rain and snow clears, it could leave roads very icy for morning and evening rush hours across the UK.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Richard Young said: “Following the rain and snow on Thursday, skies are expected to clear rapidly with widespread ice likely to form quickly. This could lead to disruption to travel networks, potentially through the morning rush-hour in Scotland and Northern Ireland. England and Wales could then see widespread ice during the evening rush hour.”

Of particular risk will be the speed with which roads will freeze. With little time for agencies to treat surfaces between the rain or snow stopping and temperatures dropping there is the potential for ice to develop across the UK road network.

Map showing areas at risk of significant snow showers on Thursday afternoon and evening.

Map showing areas at risk of further significant snow showers on Friday.

Snow showers are then likely to spread across many places exposed to the northerly wind, especially northern and western parts of the UK later on Thursday and through Friday.

The public are advised to stay up to date with the very latest weather forecasts and warnings on the Met Office website, radio and TV and should take measures to ensure that they are prepared for the potential of severe weather.

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