Met Office in the Media: 24 November 2010

The date of the Royal Wedding caused a number of newspapers to look at what the weather may be like on the big day. Of course it is too early to provide a forecast, but we can look at what the weather has been like on previous 29th April’s.  The Daily Mail and the Telegraph covered this, explaining that there was a great deal of variability to the weather in April. Both the Evening Standard and the Daily Express believed that the Met Office had provided a forecast for the actual day.  The Evening Standard corrected their story through the day.

The impending snow and cold has also been widely covered in the media, with the BBC asking ‘Is Britain prepared for snow?‘ and the Daily Mail,, Metro all reporting on the developing cold and snow situation.

You can find out more about snow and how we forecast it on our webpage Snow Forecast on which you can submit your own snow reports that we will map to show where and when it is snowing.

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