Cold and snow arrives in the UK

Colder weather with snow showers have affected parts of Scotland and northern England as forecast and are expected to spread to other northern and eastern parts of the UK through the rest of the week.

These colder conditions will spread across the whole of the UK by the end of the week, with widespread overnight frosts and daytime temperatures struggling to reach much above 3 °C by the weekend. These colder conditions are forecast to persist through the weekend and well into next week.

Met Office advisories of severe weather for snow are in force across parts of northern and eastern England and Scotland, where snow showers will become increasingly frequent in places. Localised accumulations of 2-5 cm of snow are possible inland, with up to 20 cm across the North York Moors and Grampian Mountains by the end of Thursday. There is a lower risk of snow extending further west into the Midlands and parts of Wales through Thursday and Friday.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Andy Page said, “There is no doubt that the UK will see much colder conditions by the end of the week. Snow will also be a risk for many, and the public are advised to stay up to date with the forecast to make sure they have the latest information.”

Throughout the winter the Met Office works with the Department of Health and NHS to help keep people well at times of severe weather. Our specially produced health forecasts, such as Healthy Outlook® for COPD patients, give professionals and patients the opportunity to take action to help keep them well as cold and snow take hold.

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