Met Office in the Media: Thursday 11th November

The VentnorBlog ( reported on the heavy and prolonged rain ‘that was predicted by the Met Office’ earlier in the week, providing photos of the flooding that was seen in parts of the Isle of Wight.

Nathan Rao at the Daily Express has reported on Met Office forecasts of severe gales or even storm force winds across parts of the UK today (Warning as 80mph storm roars in with lashing rain). Met Office forecaster Helen Chivers said in the article: “We are looking at much stronger winds than we saw on Sunday, gale-force moving into storm-force in parts which are going to last for most of the day.” You can stay right up to date with the latest weather forecast and warnings on the Met Office website. Many other regional papers have also reported on our forecasts of severe weather.

Following the publication of the Climate Change Strategy for Wales, which has been informed by climate science experts from the Met Office. Speaking about the strategy, the First Minister for Wales was reported by WalesOnline as saying: “There is no doubt that our climate is changing, and that science states the case that human behaviour is to blame for this change. Met Office Chief Scientist followed this sentiment saying to WalesOnline in an article on what experts say about the strategy:  “Our climate is changing and we know that some level of change in the future is unavoidable. Only through adaptation policies, firmly grounded in scientific advice, can we ensure that we are best placed to meet the challenges of climate change head-on.”

Finally has reported on the latest Met Office forecaster recruitment campaign, in which we are looking for candidates who are  “passionate about meteorology” and not only have the scientific skills to predict the weather accurately but also have the customer service skills to deal with our civilian and military customers.
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