Met Office in the Media: 08 November 2010

The Times reports on a new piece of research published in Nature Geoscience which shows skill in being able to predict the frequency of tropical storms in the North Atlantic more than one season ahead.  This has significant benefit for the insurance and re-insurance industry who rely on this kind of information to support their business decisions. This research builds on another successful forecast of the number of North Atlantic tropical storms forecast for the 2010 season between July and November. We predicted the most likely number to be 20.  Hurricane Tomas, which affected Cuba and Haiti over the weekend was the 19th storm of the season.

The wet and windy weather, forecast by us last week, has also generated a lot of coverage. The Sun and Daily Mail both reported on the heavy rain and strong winds that affected the country overnight last night and through today. They reported on the risk of snow, although the risk was confined to the higher parts of northern England and Scotland.

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