Hurricane Tomas hits Haiti

This year’s Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season remains active with storms continuing to affect the Caribbean and the Bay of Bengal.

In the Caribbean Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are experiencing heavy rains and strong winds as Hurricane Tomas crosses the area, while Cyclone Jal has developed over the Bay of Bengal and is likely to hit India on Sunday.

Tomas strengthened as it moved north during the last 24 hours, bringing torrential rain and the risk of life threatening floods and mud slides to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Colour enhanced satellite image showing Hurricane Tomas as it heads across Haiti and Cuba taken at 1345 GMT on 5 Nov (Source: NOAA)

The Met Office has been supporting Shelterbox in Haiti throughout this year, providing regularly updated forecasts to them, along with other charities working in the region following the devastating earthquake at the start of the year.

Alf Evans, Operations Manager at Shelterbox said: “The Met Office notified us of the possible risk to Haiti over a week ago, and we were able to start planning contingencies with our team in Haiti ahead of the game, so we are in the best position we can be.”

The Met Office is providing forecasts to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, charities and other National Meteorological Services around in the world, to provide the best advice on the expected movement of both Hurricane Tomas and Cyclone Jal.

You can keep up to date with the latest tropical storm news on our dedicated twitter channel @metofficestorms.

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