Weather presenters

It has been reported today in the media that we will be making changes to our team of weather presenters at the BBC. Earlier this year the Met Office secured the BBC contract to deliver weather services across TV, radio, on-line and mobile channels. Our new contract with the BBC requires us to deliver continued high standards of accuracy and consistency within revised affordability levels. To achieve this we have employed a fair and open process to change Met Office staff roles and structure within the BBC weather centre.

Met Office Staff at the BBC weather centre have a range of skills, including key skills in meteorology, with most being fully trained weather forecasters and following a fair and open interview process staff have been placed into broadcasting or management roles that best fit their individual skills and strengths.

Crucially, the continuing partnership between the BBC and Met Office in the provision of weather forecasting services, will enable us to deliver authoritative, reliable, accurate and innovative forecasts on which BBC audiences rely.

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2 Responses to Weather presenters

  1. sterlee says:

    Plain English please!

    Something seem to be changing due to cost cutting (“within revised affordability levels”), but I can’t work out what. Maybe I’ll have to go and find the “media” you refer to.

  2. weatherfan says:

    So – can we imagine what’s happened? The older, less photogenic broadcasters have been moved into back office roles while the younger, more ‘attractive’ but perhaps less qualified ones are stuck in front of the camera. And perhaps a gaffe-prone but nonetheless excellent forecast will also disappear from our screens??
    How does this save money if you haven’t actually laid anybody off? Your forecasts are a joke and have been for several years – dumbed down, flippant and useless to anybody who actually wants a bit of detail. This is just another nail in the coffin.

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