Met Office in the media: 14 October 2010

The Daily Mail has reported that we are planning to make changes to our team of weather presenters at the BBC. The Met Office is pleased to have secured the BBC contract to deliver weather services across TV, radio, on line and mobile channels. Our new contract with the BBC requires us to deliver continued high standards of accuracy and consistency within revised affordability levels. To achieve this we have employed a fair and open process to change Met Office staff roles and structure within the BBC weather centre.  The story has also been covered in the Independent and the Telegraph has written a comment article.

Elsewhere, the BBC has reported on a project to use ship logs as a source of climate information. Visitors to the website, which launched earlier this week are being invited to input weather observations of the routes taken by any of 280 Royal Navy ships. Once on the website, volunteers will be asked to transcribe information from the digital copies of historical logbooks, making notes of weather and any interesting events.

Bloomberg and others have reported on a weather forecast application being launched with Windows Phone 7. The Met Office has been working with TBS Enterprise Mobility.Your Weather, on the Windows Phone 7 platform complements the range of multimedia services offered by the Met Office. Its mobile website and applications are supported by a traditional
website providing news and warnings via RSS newsfeeds. Users can also view news videos on a YouTube channel and receive forecasts through widgets on Vista, Firefox and iGoogle.

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