Review of Summer 2010

The UK’s weather is always full of contrasts, and summer 2010 was no exception. The provisional assessment for Summer 2010 saw  mean temperature of 14.6 °C, which is just 0.6 °C above average. Rainfall was 10% above normal overall, but what was most noticeable was how different the weather was in June, July and August.

Mean temperatures were 1.5 °C above average during June, 0.7 °C above during July and 0.5 °C below in August. As for rainfall, June was drier than normal in most areas, July was much wetter than normal in the west and north, but drier in the south-east. In August, the wettest weather was focused on East Anglia, east Kent and parts of the east Midlands, although many areas saw above average rainfall.

A full assessment of Summer 2010 can be found on the Met Office website.

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