Met Office in the Media: 16 September 2010

Climate change remains high on the news agenda in recent days and Dr. Vicky Pope, Met Office head of Climate Advise has written an article in The Guardian today. ‘How science will shape climate adaptation plans’ explains how scientists must press on in developing the emerging tools that will help governments make decisions on adapting to climate change.  The role of the Met Office is very much about undertaking targeted research that answers the questions being asked of policymakers.  Over the past week UK scientists from the Met Office led AVOID programme have been meeting US counterparts in Washington, DC.  The meeting, supported by the FCO and DECC, has been organised to present the latest results of the programme.  The workshop clearly showed that the world will need to make substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions below current levels over the next few decades if the worst impacts of dangerous climate change are to be avoided.

This just highlights how the Met Office is engaged in supporting government make policy decisions on mitigation and adaptation that are based in robust science.

A new study from the University of Bristol, using the Met Office climate model has shown that the impact of geoengineering would be felt in very different ways across the world.

Finally, the BBC have asked the question ‘How dangerous is the weather to our health?‘.  In the piece the BBC look at the services being provided by the Met Office to help keep COPD patients out of hospital.

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