Met Office in the Media: 15 September 2010

Following the publication of a new flood action plan for Northumberland 2 years after the Morpeth floods, the Morpeth Herald reports how the local council will be improving its responsiveness to flooding incidents.  The Met Office is, with the Environment Agency, critical in helping to protect life and property at times of severe weather and flooding.  The new plan clearly acknowledges our role and highlights a new service, Hazard Manager, that has been developed in recent years.  Hazard Manager from the Met Office is a new web portal enhancing support to the Emergency Response community. Hazard Manager will be a one-stop information source for the emergency response community, allowing   access services in one location, using a single username and password.

The Met Office provides a range of services that help authorities prepare for and respond to emergencies that are caused or influenced by the weather. Linked to these services is advice, available from teams of Met Office forecasters, specialist scientists and advisors, on the interpretation and impact of the weather during an emergency. This service is co-ordinated through the Met Office’s team of regionally-based Public Weather Service (PWS) Advisors who can be called upon to provide advice at a strategic command and control centre.

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