Met Office in the Media: 06 September 2010

Many newspapers have reported on the workshop being hosted by the Met Office this week looking to initiate development of a new suite of global land surface temperature datasets.  The Sunday Telegraph reported ‘Temperatures records to be made public’.  The Observer reports on how the project is looking outside the usual climate science community to help meet this new challenge in  ‘Google and Galaxy zoo could aid global climate project

The Times has run a large feature today on the 150th anniversary of the first weather observation report being printed in the paper.  The feature explored Admiral FitzRoy, the founder of the Met Office and went on to look at the history of the Met Office over the last 150 years or so.  More about the Met Office can be found on our website.

In the second part of a special Radio 4 series the BBC’s Environmental Analyst Roger Harrabin questions whether his own reporting – and that of others – has adequately told the whole story about global warming. 

In this episode Roger speaks to Dr. Vicky Pope from the Met Office on the issues on communicating climate science to policymakers and the media.

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