Has our summer really been a washout?

We have been asked a lot in the last few days why the summer has been ‘so miserable’. Well, a look back at the summer months and the figures suggests that it hasn’t been particularly bad, and certainly no where near as wet as the last three summers.

However, it has been a summer of contrasts, starting warm and sunny and ending up rather dull and wet. June was warm, dry and sunny with the focus being on potential drought after the driest start to a year in some areas for more than 80 years. However, as we headed through July it turned very wet across the north and west of the UK, while the south and east remained dry and warm. We saw the unsettled and cloudy weather spread to all parts of the UK by the middle of August, with the south and east finally seeing spells of heavy rain.

So, the dry and warm June has been offset by the wetter cooler weather in July and August.  Looking at the summer as a whole, and bearing in mind these are early, provisional figures temperatures are likely to be somewhere between 0 to 1 deg C above the long-term average while rainfall is likely to end up a little above the long-term average, however nowhere near as wet as the last three summers.  So far this summer (to 22nd Aug) we have seen  219mm of rain and compared to 323mm, 320mm and 358mm going back over the previous three years.

Map showing rainfall amount between 1 June and 22 August as a % of 1971-2000 average

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