Met Office in the News: 29 July 2010

Following a press briefing yesterday on the publication of the 2009 state of the climate report the most national media have reported on the latest observations consistent with a warming world.  The Daily Telegraph reported that global warming evidence is ‘unmistakable’ whilst Channel 4 reported that the decade on decade evidence of a warming world was ‘stonkingly obvious’.

Cowes Online reports the Met Office helps Cowes Week competitors with our forecast for the sailing event. Our online forecast for Cowes Week is part of a range of forecasts targeted at outdoor events across the UK.  We are also providing forecasts for Goodwood, Cambridge Folk Festival, the England v Pakistan Test Match and the National Eisteddfod.

There has been media interest following a call from Jersey Tourism for the BBC to include the Channel Islands on national weather forecasts. The Met Office supplies weather services to the BBC, including the data on which the forecasts are based, on-screen presenters and forecasting services across BBC output on TV, radio and online. However, the BBC makes the editorial decisions about the areas covered in Network weather forecasts.

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