Met Office in the Media: 21 July 2010

Torrential rain caused local flooding across parts of Wales and England yesterday, before pushing north across parts of Scotland overnight. This followed the issue of severe weather warnings for very heavy rain across these areas yesterday.  The BBC reported on flooding in Merseyside and South Wales.

As the Hurricane season continues to cause interest on both sides of the Atlantic, Paul Nunn writes on the Lloyd’s Blog about the Met Office tropical storm forecast for this year, highlighting our prediction of  20 named tropical storms (70% chance of 13 – 27 storms).  There is already some interest in a developing weather system in the Western Atlantic which we and the National Hurricane Service are keeping an eye on.  It is far too early to say whether this will develop into a storm, but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on.  A blog to follow on this is Jyotika’s Tropical Storms Blog.

The launch of a new Google Earth layer showing the impacts of an average rise in global temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius is still drawing interest with energysource blog reporting how the map is helping in the desire to open up the science of climate change.

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