Met Office in the Media: 16 July 2010

The Guardian and many other national media covered the launch of a Google Earth layer showing the impacts of an average temperature rise of 4 deg C. The application has been developed using climate projections from the Met Office Hadley Centre and Julian Rush demonstrated the Google Earth layer live on Channel 4 News.

The Scotsman has reported on the Threat to marine life from warming UK seas.   The weather at St Andrews for The Open has been of great interest. Like Wimbledon the Met Office has on site forecasters supporting the organisers and The Guardian, along with many other papers reported on the challenging weather conditions being experienced by the golfers.  The weather yesterday, St Swithin’s Day has led many papers to claim that we may be in for a disappointing summer.  It is worth remembering that by their very nature, forecasts become less accurate the longer the outlook period is. Although we can identify general patterns of weather, the science does not exist to allow an exact forecast beyond five days. Beyond that, although we can give a rough indication for the outlook,  it is not possible to absolutely promise a certain type of weather.  As a result, looking ahead 30 or 40 days cannot be as precise as our short-term forecasts. The Met Office has made no longer range forecast for this summer.

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