Met Office in the Media: 12 July 2010

As predicted over the weekend the south and east of England saw the hottest temperatures of the year so far.  A high of 31.7 C was recorded at Gravesend on Friday. Coverage in the national papers, including the Daily Telegraph continued to inform people of the risk associated with such hot weather, and the role of the Met Office in supporting the NHS in England and Wales with the ‘Heat-Health’ service. Many papers have picked up today that ‘Heatwave at an end as rain arrives’ with the weather for the coming week predicted to see temperatures cooler than they have been in the south and conditions altogether a little more unsettled.

 There was more coverage of the findings of the Muir Russell review into ‘climate-gate’ with a comment piece from Geoffrey Lean at the Daily Telegraph declaring that ‘Climategate fails to stir up a storm’.

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