Met Office wins BBC Weather contract

The BBC has announced today that it has appointed the Met Office to supply its weather services following a competitive tender.

The new contract means we will continue to supply weather services to the BBC. This includes the data on which the forecasts are based, on screen presenters and forecasting services across BBC output on TV, radio and online.

Over the last 6 months or so much has been made of the BBC’s decision to put this contract out to tender with some press claiming the reason was a lack of accuracy in our forecasts. Mark Byford, BBC Deputy Director General and Head of Journalism at the BBC has made it clear that this is simply not the case.

The truth is that in recent public research, 74% of the public thought weather forecasts were accurate and more importantly 90% thought our severe weather warnings were useful and 84% trusted the advice given by the Met Office.

It is this demonstration of accuracy and trust along with the consistency of data, flexibility, and most of all value for money which has resulted in us being awarded this contract.

John Hirst, Chief Executive of the Met Office, said: ”We lead the world in broadcast meteorology and we are delighted to renew our weather broadcasting partnership with the BBC.  This contract ensures that the BBC’s UK and global audiences will continue to receive trusted forecasts and critical warnings from the Met Office.”

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