Infographic: what to do when it snows

22 01 2013

With further warnings for snow in the UK our latest infographic covers what to do before, during and after snow fall.

Infographic what to do when it snows

See our website for the latest severe weather warnings. To find out more about when warnings are issued and what they mean see our guide to warnings.

Rainfall totals 24 November 2012

24 11 2012

It has been another wet day across much of the southern half of the UK. Here are some rainfall totals between midnight and 9pm from Met Office reporting stations:

Station     Amount
St Mary’s Airport, Isles of Scilly 57 mm
Plymouth, Devon 49.2 mm
Camborne, Cornwall 42.8 mm
Culdrose, Cornwall 40 mm
Cardinham, Cornwall 39.2 mm
Exeter Airport, Devon 31.6 mm
Dunkeswell, Devon 27.6 mm
North Wyke, Devon 26 mm
Bournemouth Airport, Dorset 24 mm
Liscombe, Somerset 21.4 mm

There is more rain to come over the rest of the weekend and into the start of next week.

Another wet and windy June weekend

15 06 2012

It has been reported that this weekend’s weather is a once-in-50 year occurrence. In reality, last week’s weather was much more significant with winds recorded up to 84 mph and rainfall of 127 mm in parts of Wales. Although we are in for some wet and windy weather for the next couple of days, by Sunday and for the start of the new working week the weather looks set to be quieter with more sunshine, fewer showers, lighter winds and a warmer feel.

We have seen some more wet and windy weather this week, with heavy and persistent rain affecting many areas last night. However, rainfall totals and wind speeds have not been as severe as they were this time last week, when we saw disruption in west Wales and, later, south-east England.

Satellite image 15 June 2012 showing wet and windy weather over the UK.

The current warnings in place for Wales, the Midlands, northern England and Northern Ireland may seem to last for a long time as they are out for a 48 hour period. However, as Met Office Severe Weather Warnings are based on the impacts of the weather, it is important to ensure the public are aware of how long the worst of the weather will last. The longest warning issued by the Met Office was for the very cold snap in the winter of 2010/2011, where much of the UK was blanketed in yellow warnings for Ice untreated roads and pavements. These warnings were in place for as many as five days in a row.

Wet and windy weekend

29 04 2012

Large parts of the UK have seen very wet and windy conditions over the weekend.

Winds have gusted up to about 70mph in the most exposed locations, with many parts of the country seeing gusts of 40-50mph.

The strongest gust (at a non-mountain site) was 71mph at Mumbles Head in West Glamorgan, Berry Head in Devon was just behind with 70mph.

Leek, Thorncliffe in Staffordshire saw 68mph, Avonmouth in Avon saw 61mph, and two locations on the Isle of Wight also saw 60mph.

Persistent and heavy rainfall has also been widespread across a large part of the country, with some areas seeing a significant proportion of their normal monthly average within a 24-hour period.

The heaviest rainfall has been focused on southern England with Liscombe in Somerset seeing the most rainfall so far, with 48.8mm falling between 1pm on Saturday, 28 April and 6pm today, 29 April.

Hampstead in Greater London saw 39.2mm of rain during the same period, with Wiggonholt in West Sussex seeing 32.4mm and Rothamstead in Hertfordshire seeing 29.8mm. Several other stations across the south saw rainfall at a similar level.

Other parts of the country, particularly in the far north, have seen very little or no rain at all, however.

Looking ahead, there are Severe Weather Warnings in place for both Monday and Tuesday in parts of the UK, so we’d advise people to stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website.

The Environment Agency has also issued many Flood Warnings and Alerts – you can stay up to date with the latest information via their website.


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