Infographic: 2012 weather review of the year

21 12 2012

Hover over the image to link through to more detail on the UK weather in 2012.

Met Office Wettest June on record Be #weatheraware Met Office Twitter Wettest April Wettest June Weather in 2012 The UK's wet summer The coldest temperatures of winter Sunny March, wet April, how the jet stream is partly to blame Hottest day of the year so far Strong wind in January

Infographic: The Great Storm of 1987

16 10 2012

The Great Storm of 1987 remains one of the most talked about weather events for a generation, it even featured in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Twenty five years on, the storm has led to numerous improvements to the science, technology and communication of forecasting which has transformed the way the UK responds to severe weather.

Cloud spotting infographic and video

17 01 2012

Having trouble telling a cumulus from a stratus cloud? In our video James Chubb explains how clouds form and how this can help you can tell one cloud from another. We’ve also put together a guide to identifying all the different cloud types and how clouds form on the Met Office website.

To help with observing clouds we’ve created this infographic. Feel free to share and use on your own website or blog, you can get the embed code and a printable version from our cloud spotting page.

Met Office guide to cloud types and pronunciations

If you spot any interesting clouds, why not take a picture and add them to our Flickr clouds group.

Infographic: How often has it been a white Christmas

20 12 2011

It may not look like it will snow at Christmas this year, but we’ve taken a look back at how often we’ve seen snow fall or snow on the ground on Christmas Day over the past 50 years.

For more information on snow at Christmas, take a look at our white Christmas page.


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