Warm air to bring short hot spell

31 07 2013

Temperatures are forecast to exceed 30 °C tomorrow in some areas with a heat health warning in place for parts of the south east. However, these high temperatures are expected to be short lived with temperatures dropping by a few degrees again over the weekend.


Why are we only seeing one day of high temperatures?

The brief warmer weather is due to hot air being drawn north from the Spanish plateau to the British Isles. Shortly after, Atlantic air coming in from the west brings a return to average conditions for the time of year.

The surface pressure charts below show the warm air being drawn up, followed by the cold front moving in from the west.


Watch our video for help understanding synoptic charts.



2 responses

31 07 2013
Oliver King

Hi there, Your Met Office blog is very interesting,and I enjoy them so much. Is it possible to include BT33 in Northern Ireland in your forecast? Thank you Regards Oliver King

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2 08 2013
Lord Beaverbrook

The July CET figure has been released at 18.3C which has been adjusted down by 0.4C. Out of interest why would such a large adjustment be required?


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