The start of the meteorological spring

1 03 2013


For statistical and historical reporting purposes, in meteorology, spring begins on the 1 March and ends on the 31 May. For many people though, spring begins on the date of the spring equinox, 20 March.

Although spring can be determined by calendar dates, the natural variability within the atmosphere means that, as far as the weather is concerned, year to year differences vary widely. Last spring was sunnier and warmer than average, while spring 2011 was exceptionally warm and dry. It’s too soon to tell what weather we will see this spring, but you can see the outlook for the next 30 days on our website.

Today is also St David’s Day, see our events pages for the latest weather in your area.



One response

5 03 2013

If you go by length of day, then Spring starts at the beginning of February.

According to Hubert Lamb we are currently in Late Winter, with Spring starting on March 30th.

If you go by the cycle of Central England Temperature, then the coldest and warmest times of the year are on average six months apart, at the end of January and July respectively. Dividing the year into four equal seasons then gives a start to spring in mid-March.

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