Nadine becomes second longest-lasting Atlantic tropical storm

5 10 2012

After travelling for over three weeks across the eastern Atlantic, Tropical Cyclone Nadine has finally dissipated to become absorbed into a larger low pressure system over the mid Atlantic.

The US National Hurricane Centre have declared that Nadine will tie with tropical storm Ginger of 1971 as the second-longest-lasting Atlantic tropical storm going back to 1851– lasting 21.25 days.

Nadine formed as a tropical depression on 11 September strengthening to become a tropical storm later the same day. Nadine became a hurricane on 28 September, lasting for four days.

Furthermore Nadine is likely to make the top five longest-lasting Atlantic tropical cyclones, which includes the tropical depression stage, at 21.75 days, just falling behind Kyle of 2002 at lasted 22 days, but well behind the longest lasting Atlantic tropical cyclone – San Ciriaco of 1899 which lasted for an astonishing 28 days.

Rank Name Date Duration
1 San Ciriaco August 1899 28 days
2 Ginger September 1971 27.25 days
3 Inga September 1969 24.75 days
4 Kyle September 2002 22 days
5 Nadine October 2012 21.75 days




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