Some areas already received over 250% of average July rainfall

9 07 2012

Even though we are not even half way through the month of July, due to the persistent heavy rainfall, some areas have already seen more than 250% of their average July rainfall. The Isle of Portland, in Dorset, has seen the most rainfall, with 97 mm so far, way above its usual July average of 34.2 mm.

Station Name Area July 2012 monthly total July 71-00 average % of average
Isle Of Portland              Dorset               97 34.2 283.6
Hurn                                 Dorset               93.8 36.9 254.3
Bingley, No 2       West Yorkshire       88.6 53.1 167
Edinburgh, Royal Botanic Garden Midlothian           88 56.7 155.3
Camborne Cornwall             83.2 50 166.4
Charterhall Berwickshire         83.2 50.9 163.6
Dunkeswell Aerodrome Devon                82.4 51.6 159.6
Pateley Bridge, Ravens Nest North Yorkshire      82.2 71.6 114.8
Ryhill West Yorkshire       77.8 45.4 171.4
Salsburgh Lanarkshire          77 76.3 100.9

The heavy rain is set to continue, with severe weather warnings in place for some areas. Keep up to date with your local forecast.



One response

10 07 2012
The Grasslands Trust Team

Hi, I live in Dorchester and take rain measurements in my garden on the south side of the town. I’ve recorded 166.75mm so far in July. I was away on the weekend so my auto raingauge recorded the deluge on saturday/sunday. . The Dorset Echo on monday reported their local weatherman John Oliver recorded 110.8mm from 6pm Friday to 6am Sunday. That certainly tallies pretty well with what I recorded.

That’s on top of the 150mm in June.

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