Local minimum temperature records fall across the country

3 12 2010

Many station minimum temperature records have fallen across the UK overnight, with records falling at stations as far apart as Scotland, Devon and Sussex.  This is significant so early in the winter and follows forecasts of exceptionally cold conditions for last night.

The coldest temperature overnight was -20.4 °C at Braemar in Aberdeenshire.

Overnight Records 2/3 December Previous record
-17.9 °C LEEMING 07-01-1970 (-15.0°C)
-17.3 °C LINTON ON OUSE 14-02-1991 (-14.2°C)
-17.5 °C CHURCH FENTON 14-02-1991 (-15.2°C)
-10.4 °C INVERBERVIE NO.2 29-12-1995 (-8.1°C)
-12.8 °C SPADEADAM 04-03-2001 (-12.7°C)
-12.6 °C DISHFORTH AIRFIELD 21-12-1963 (-10.0°C)
-11.7 °C YEOVILTON 29-12-1964 (-10.0°C)
– 7.8 °C SHOEBURYNESS 15-12-1991 (-5.8°C)
– 6.0 °C ST BEES HEAD NO.2 28-12-1995 (-5.8°C)
– 7.5 °C HERSTMONCEUX 31-12-1996 (-5.3°C)
– 9.1 °C KENLEY AIRFIELD 20-12-1999 (-6.5°C)
– 5.2 °C LANGDON BAY 20-12-1999 (-4.5°C)
– 6.0 °C SOLENT 20-12-1999 (-5.0°C)
-14.7 °C SHAP 31-12-2003 (-11.4°C)
– 5.3 °C CARDINHAM, BODMIN 28-12-2005 (-4.5°C)



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